Evaristo Riera - Manufacturers of boxes custom

Allocoted in the city of Barcelona, Evaristo Riera is a company dedicated to the manufacture of cardboard boxes for chocolates, pastry, companies and gift.

The tradition of this company goes way back to 1871, having five generations of the same family working in the same trade, something unusual in our days. Every year, Evaristo Riera incorporates the latest in design and shapes using the latest in technology, but never forgetting our manual artisan tradition and old rigor of our boxes that will last for ever, all them customized for each customer.

Christmas boxes, chocolates and pastries
Boxes for chocolates and cakes, christmas
as ornaments boxes for cakes and chocolates and ribbons Christmas balls ties
custom boxes for chocolates and pastries colors silver, gold, golden
boxes for chocolates and pastry cream colors, pink, fuchsia